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​Enhancing Communications with Mindfulness

Sat 29 April 2017
Mindfulness can enhance our communication in many ways, nurturing presence, personal growth and compassion for ourselves and others.

Managing Difficult Emotions

Wed 22 March 2017
Through our mindfulness practice we learn to open up to what is being presented moment by moment and this includes our emotions. Mindfulness is not about feeling happy all the time. It is about tuning in to how we feel moment to moment with openness, curiosity and acceptance.

Transforming Our Inner Critic Into Our Inner Cheerleader

Wed 02 November 2016
The biggest breakthrough that I had in self-compassion - in particular my "self-talk" - was when I started to spend time with my best friend's three young children. When I was looking after them, I noticed

10 Steps to Surfing Emotions with Mindfulness

Fri 21 October 2016
Today we are going to have a SURFING LESSON! An important skill in Mindful Relationships is learning how to mindfully surf our emotions! This will allow us to respond to situations and in communications in a more balanced, self-aware way.