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Drop-in Mindfulness Class


Wouldn’t it be nice – just for an hour – to sit in stillness, in quiet, to reconnect with our body and breath and calm the mind? During these weekly drop-in English mindfulness classes in Den Haag we will explore different meditation techniques and practices so that everyone can develop their own regular mindfulness practice.

Drop-in English mindfulness classes are held in Den Haag on a weekly basis. These classes involve discussions about mindful living and mindfulness techniques as well as guided meditations. These are stand-alone classes and no past experience is necessary to join.  They are suitable for experienced practitioners and beginners alike!

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Find our weekly drop-in classes 

Our drop-in English mindfulness classes in The Hague currently take place on the following days and time:

19.00-20.00 Thursday evenings

 Venue: Madalbal Health Store, Denneweg 126B, 2514 CL Den Haag