FreshStart 28-Day Cleanse and Health Reset Programme

FreshStart 28 Day Cleanse

FreshStart_1.pngJoin my FreshStart 28-day Cleanse & Health Reset healthy eating programme!

FreshStart is a whole-food eating and lifestyle plan designed by a registered Nutritional Therapist in Den Haag.  The programme aims to put you on the path to excellent health. The programme is 28-days, but will provide you with knowledge to last a lifetime.  You will receive the tools you need to:

- Increase your energy
- Improve your digestion 
- Help you reach your ideal weight
- Support your health goals
- Set you on the right path to make healthy eating a way of life

The programme includes:

- Healthy eating guide with delicious recipes for the 28-days  and 7-day pre-tox
- Sample meal plans and shopping lists
- Health check questionnaires pre- and post course examined by a registered Nutritional Therapist
- 4 x 45-minute motivational and educational webinar sessions
- Daily Whatsapp support during the cleanse and for one month after the cleanse 

Next FreshStart course dates to be announced.  Webinar timings:

Webinar 1 - Preparing for the cleanse (one week prior to start of cleanse)
Webinar 2 - Cleanse starts today!
Webinar 3 - Mid-point of cleanse
Webinar 4 - End of cleanse

And don't worry if you can't make a webinar time - you will receive access to a recording!


All this for €99! 


28-days to a healthier, slimmer, more energised you!

About Bernadette:

Bernadette Keogh is a Registered Nutritional Therapist living in Den Haag with a lifelong passion for natural health and nutrition. Bernadette runs a busy nutritional therapy practice in Den Haag and is a registered member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapy and Applied Nutrition (BANT) in the UK.

What FreshStart participants say

"It’s difficult to know what is healthy these days with the myriad of diets and online information. Bernadette’s talks and Fresh Start made it easy to understand the effects of different foods and what is good to eat, backed up by scientific fact. I ate lots of delicious, filling food and as a result my belly shrunk! I also experienced additional unexpected benefits; no PMT, more energy and no ‘clicking’ joints. These were all things that I had just accepted but I was amazed how good I felt! The daily support was one of the best elements of the programme. We could ask questions as they arose, and shared recipe tips. Because of this I felt supported, motivated and inspired during the whole cleanse." Laura, Den Haag

  "The FreshStart program opened a new world for me as in feeling healthy, positive and energetic. I have gained a good understanding on food and how to apply it in my daily life. I feel fantastic with detox and weight loss and enjoy this feeling of being slim. Bernadette was not only a fantastic an knowledgable tutor but also a professional facilitator. The sessions were of great help. I could ask any questions and Bernadette always provided acceptable solutions. Also I could reach her on whats appe 24/7 and her response was always swift and accurate. I have finished my cleansing and could return slowly to 'normal life' however I noticed I am enjoying this healthy life style so much and will continue. I can recommend the Fresh program to anyone of you! Thank you Bernadette.." Sultan, Den Haag

"The FreshStart Course was a challenge, which wasn’t always easy to succeed. But doing this within a team and also together with Bernadette, this became more simple. Especially since we created a WhatsApp group, where Bernadette has been always available in order to share her expertise and recommendations in a really nice and easy way to understand. Although it sounds like a miracle, it’s true – I really feel fitter than before and my blood sugar level obviously was and still is balanced so that I don’t feel the need for sweets (normally my biggest problem)! Completely without sports, and I lost some kilo’s! Bernadette, many thanks for helping me finding the right way through all food available!" Ilka, Den Haag