Mindful Living Coach By Bernadette Keogh


Finding peace in a hectic world

Welcome to Mindful Living Coach. We offer mindfulness and meditation courses in Den Haag and the rest of The Netherlands to help people cope with the stress of modern life and to enhance health and wellbeing.  We cater for individuals, groups and corporations offering a wide variety of mindfulness training - from drop-in classes and 4-8 Week programmes to tailored corporate workshops and programmes. At Mindful Living Coach we work with our clients to bring about a lasting, positive change in their lives. 

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Corporate Mindfulness

There is much research supporting the benefits of mindfulness within corporations, including: enhancement of staff wellbeing, reduction of stress as well as increased efficiency and creativity.

We work closely with businesses to identify stress points and to develop tailored mindfulness courses and workshops to meet their specific needs and challenges.

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