Our Services

We offer a range of mindfulness, nutrition and wellbeing services tailored to individuals and companies.
Services are available worldwide live online and in-person in The Netherlands and London.

Corporate Wellbeing Training

There is much research supporting the benefits of mindfulness within corporations, including: enhancement of staff wellbeing, reduction of stress as well as increased efficiency and creativity.

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Nutritional Therapy

The Nutritional Therapy clinic is based in Den Haag and offers flexible appointment times during the week, evenings and Saturdays.

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Functional Laboratory Testing

Functional laboratory testing is available when working with nutrition clients, to get deeper insights into imbalances in the body.

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Mindful Eating Private Coaching

Mindful Eating is a powerful practice that empowers you to heal your relationship with food, your body and yourself. Our 8-week group program is also available as a 1-1 private coaching program.

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