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Nutritional Therapy


Nutritional Therapy services in Den Haag and fees.  For more about what Nutritional Therapy is and more testimonials click here.


Prior to the Case Review Consultation clients will be required to fill in a questionnaire, including a three day food diary, as well as send any test results relevant to their case. Working with our Nutritional Therapist you will identify and prioritise the health problems and goals you would like to address.

The initial appointment will last approximately 60 minutes. During which, a detailed case history will be taken – looking at the interactions between genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that can impact health and chronic disease. The information from the pre-appointment questionnaire and any previous test results will also be considered. Working with our nutritional therapist you will identify and prioritise the health concerns you would like to address.

From this a unique and manageable nutrition and lifestyle plan will be devised based on the individual client’s needs and health goals. The therapist will also be able to arrange private clinical tests such as allergy, nutritional, digestive and hormone profiles, to help build a clearer picture of your health status and how it can be improved upon with diet and, where appropriate, supplementation.

Length 60 minutes

Cost €110

NB: Any supplements or tests will incur an additional charge and will be charged for at the time they are ordered



Once you’ve completed a Case Review, we continue to work together on an hourly consultation basis for the remainder of your plan.

During follow-up consultations progress will be discussed, together with interpretation of test results. The nutrition and lifestyle plan will be continuously adapted as health improves.

Length 40-60 minutes

Cost €90

NB: Any supplements or tests will incur an additional charge and will be charged for at the time they are ordered



For those who do not have a specific health complaint but would just like to improve overall wellbeing, this one-off, one hour appointment is for you.  We will explore your health goals, run through your food diary and you will receive specific advice tailored to you during the session.

Length 60 minutes

Cost €60


Fees must be paid prior to the appointment.  I kindly request that you give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment.  Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full.

What my clients say

"Bernadette is an excellent therapist. She is attentive and provides clear user friendly advice that I can easily encompass into my everyday diet and lifestyle. The goals we set together were realistic and achievable and I felt a real benefit to my health after implementing them. The follow up sessions were useful to reflect on how things had gone. I appreciated the holistic approach Bernadette takes in the way she considered linked health issues and other implications in addition to the symptoms I was presenting. It was beneficial to consider my health as a whole. I would definitely recommend Bernadette."  Caroline, Research Manager, London

"Bernadette has been a pleasure to work with since I first met her for a consultation more than a year ago. I was suffering with bad acne and was getting married in four months time. We worked closely together to identify the issues and resolve them using a variety of methods. I got the glowing wedding photos that I wanted and we continue to work together now. The treatment plan that Bernadette provides is detailed and very informative. It not only tells you what to do but also why, so I learned about nutrition and acne, as well as general well being throughout the process which I found fascinating. She is also always on hand to answer questions and give advice in a very help manner. I'd recommend Berandette's services to anyone looking for a nutritional therapist." Helen, Media Manager, London